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​ Salvation is a storytelling journey that captures the world’s beauty and environment, a world without the threat of distress and destruction. I have created a bespoke womenswear collection inspired by movement, characteristics of wild cats and their environments. It’s an abstract, energetic, and expressive approach to storytelling, applying my energy, mark making and skill of dyeing colour. This translates into hand crafted prints and works as a marriage alongside my embroidery applications: creating a joyous mood of what life is like without threat.




Salvation works as a marriage alongside Redemption; it is important for me to showcase the beauty of colour, characteristics and the environment of life without threat. I used an abstract mark making approach, using large scale brushes to create marks, bleed inks and to hand paint over silks.


Each fabric is hand dyed and has an individual colour created by me. I have used silks to create a  longevity collection that is current to today. This is complemented by my 3D embroidery, using embellishment and hand stitching .My aim was to create a collection that is wearable but tells a story through embroidery, print and colour: showcasing realism through abstract approach and together celebrating the joy and beauty of the environment. 


To develop my interpretation of print, I have used my skill of dyeing fabric to create hand crafted stand alone prints. I have used a tie dyed effect, which bleeds a combination of my colours and embodies my energy and expression as a designer. Each print represents the marks from the wild cats and their environments. Each piece is hand crafted and unique; they are each individual and one of a kind. 

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