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Collar redemption.jpg


Redemption is inspired by the emotion behind the eyes of endangered monkeys, creating a story about the threats these animals face: deforestation and habitat loss. Life has been stripped to monochrome, heightening emotion. I am storytelling these current issues in a beautiful, juxtaposing aesthetic.




Throughout my process, it has been important for me to create a balance between beauty and distress. I have bled and applied inks onto beads, yarns and fabrics, using paint brushes and toothbrushes. The marks create a wash of imperfection, emotion and distress. 

Each monochrome silk has been individually hand dyed to create a longevity collection that is current for today’s market. One of my goals as a designer, is to use my embroidery and dye to tell a story.

To bring my story to life, I used my skill of dyeing:  I used a tie dyed effect to create hand crafted prints within my collection to work alongside my embroidery applications. Each print is expressive and abstract and represents the marks from the monkeys and their surroundings. As they are hand crafted, It won't ever be repeated the same way twice: they are each individual and one of a kind. 

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