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I am skilled in fabric dyeing ,I have worked with dylon ,acid and disperse dyes. I harnessed this skill over my MA  year to build up recipes and a library of colours so that I was able to inhouse dye the fabrics myself, reducing carbon footprint and not be restricted to limited colour.


My personal journey started at home, dyeing and bleaching fabric  which was not successful as it did not give me exact colours. This  propelled me to spend the months in the dye lab facilities and gain an entire skill. This took a lot of problem solving and mathematical calculations to work out the exact formula to create my individual recipes.


I have extensive fabric knowledge which allows my to dye fabric and yarns of different fibres, organic or synthetic. Through learning this skill I gained experience as a dye lab technician which allowed me to teach and help students to achieve their chosen colours.


Nottingham Trent University facilities


Nottingham Trent University facilities

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